N Villa

N Villa is located on a 4000m2 parcel on Feghal hills with a spectacular sea view and a serene green environment.
Resting on a slope, the house follows the natural lines of topography to offer maximum integration and adaptation to the surroundings. The 3 stories villa offers the inhabitants a logia and the basement facing the sea and 3 terraces on different levels: the roof the first floor and the ground floor.
The Alignment breakage of the house and its terraces optimizes and enlarges the view from most of the spaces.
With big wide opening facing the sunset, a bar on the roof, and a bright white envelope cladding, the inhabitant can indulge in their summery villa, shielded from heat, at the comfort of their pleasant cooler interior.


  • Date : 2012
  • Location : Feghal
  • Plot Number :
  • Built up Area : 375m2
  • Status : Concept Design