GF Villa

Located 10 minutes from the capital Beirut, yet surrounded with serene vistas, Mr. Farhan’s residence in Bsateen Beit Merreh, is both his primary and retreat location. The house spreads horizontally over 2 levels with the upper longitudinal port skewed to the side, enabling an open air space for the family to enjoy the mesmerizing weather over 9 months of the year. This shift also generates a chill meeting space under the cantilevered volume which acts as a shield from the sun, thus offering an outdoor shaded area. The opening of the house are wide and high enabling the scenery to penetrate the house. Therefore creating a unity of out/in. An infinity pool located at the lower south west corner of the land links this house with the wide facing sea with an uninterrupted view. Moreover the entrance had to be a journey by itself, transitioning the visitors from the daily chaos to this peaceful house.

  • Date : 2012
  • Location : Ain Sadee – Lebanon
  • Status : Concept Design
  • Plot Number : 1320