C Villa

Located in the heart of Beit Mellat hills, Akkar , C Villa embodies a marriage between the roots and traditional aspects of the owner’s heritage and his stripped down, elegant and contemporary vision of a home. With a somehow straight-forward volumetry that comprises nothing but cubes and voids, their adherence to the traditional lebanese house placed in the center present the later as a nucleus to the entire combination. The different materials used highlight the contrast of two different eras. Both the stones and the red tiled roof accentuate the Lebanese features, as for the steel, glass, wood and white painted walls, they introduce balance and purity to the minimalistic approach. The carefully thought of “Jeu de Volume” created multiple terraces well integrated in the house enabling the inhabitants to enjoy the nature and green scenery.

  • Date : 2010
  • Location : Akkar – Lebanon
  • Status : Under Construction
  • Plot Number : 1547